Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pirate Scouting, Day Two

The second day of the Pirate Festival brought rain in every form--downpour, drizzle, mist and downright nasty. Knowing that pirates are a hearty breed, I didn't think a little weather would deter them from a festival in their honor. So I took my trusty camera to capture the day in pictures.
photo of Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival
No pirates here...
photo of Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival

No pirates here, although this green ship is the one I suspected they traveled in last year...
Photo of steam locomotive with pirate flags

I waited for the town locomotive to rumble into the station thinking perhaps the pirates had sailed into Garibaldi, dropped anchor and took the train on up. After all, it was bearing their flags.I was disappointed once again...

Hoping the Emily G. Reed shipwreck might hold a clue, I took a look at her resting place (currently well below the sand) and found a flock of rather bored seagulls standing in a formation perfectly outlining her skeleton. But no pirates!

Wet and dismayed, I headed home to dry off.

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