Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lickety Split

Don't consider yourself a "power-walker?"  Take a stroll along an Oregon beach during spring break and when the cold seeps into your bones, you will walk little faster, a little faster, then faster still.  It is either to keep warm or get back to the fire sooner--no matter the reason, consider it fitness training.

In fact, it was amazing how fast this family could walk.  Even the dog looked back, begging for mercy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Capturing the Magic

Photo of breaking waves at Rockaway Beach Oregon by Nancy Zavada

The clouds played with the lighting on the waves and teased me into playing along with my camera.  I am endlessly fascinated with The Universe's artistic use of color and light on the breaking waves.  All I am asked to do is record it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fig Newton?

This little guy was headed north along the shoreline.  He was either beach combing or pacing himself for a long journey. Having never seen a newt on the Oregon Coast, I was concerned he was lost, but left him to his business.

All the way home we made up names for him like Isaac Newton or Newt Gingrich or Newt Rockney or even Wayne Newton, my personal favorite.  You can probably add to this list a famous newtons.

Note: My sister (who still claims I am a witch based upon my proximity to black cats, toads and, okay, perhaps a spell or two) says it is even more evidence of my craft.  To which I say, just for the record, we don't use "eye of newt" too much any more--animal rights and all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sir, Can I See Your Permit?

photo of seagull in Rockaway Beach Oregon

This seagull had better be handicapped because is loitering on the "Handicapped" piling.  Normally, it wouldn't be much of an issue, but it is spring break on the Oregon Coast and the local police are on high alert.

Roost at  your own risk.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Luckily, I Have an E Ticket

photo of Rockaway Beach Oregon by Nancy Zavada

Look!  Someone lifted The Matterhorn ride from Disneyland and placed it right behind Rockaway Beach.  What fun all the spring break tourists will have.

That mountain (which I don't remember seeing, ever) couldn't resemble the iconic ride more if there were cheerful "cast members" wandering the beach and telling me where to get in line.  I am going on it right after Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What a romantic image the word, "spindrift" has.  Along the coasts around the world there are hotels, pubs, streets, rock bands, marinas and soft drinks all using this enchanting nautical term.

The photo I published earlier this month shows an excellent example of the effect and was in fact taken during the gale.   What I have learned since then is that spindrift refers to spray blown from cresting waves during a gale.  The spray, which "drifts" in the direction of the gale, is one of the characteristics of a wind speed of 8 Beaufort and higher at sea. 

Spindrift has long been a telltale sign used by mariners to define a Force 8 wind at sea.  Basically, if you were at sea, this was something you didn't want to see.   This site give you all of the details, some scarier than others.

So I have decided spindrift is a very romantic notion if you are sitting by a warm fire, sipping a warm cup of tea, looking out at its beauty.  Not so much if you are standing on the rolling deck of a ship in your bright yellow rain gear being pelted by rain and wind fearing for your safety.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coastal Gardens in the Snow

photo of heather by Nancy Zavada

Undaunted by March snowfall, this soft pink heather blooms as if it were basking in sunshine. Perhaps it is good advice for us humans too!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Record Snowfall Hits Oregon Coast

It's March and record-setting snowfall is hitting the Oregon Coast as storm after storm comes ashore.  I post this photo to remind you...

It is summer somewhere!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


photo of the surf at rockaway beach oregon by Nancy Zavada

The ocean's power is immense and during a storm you can feel it even more strongly--the deep sound, the frenzied movement, the air of electricity.

We use words to describe the ocean's power such as destructive, unforgiving, angry and crushing which leads us to believe this power is "bad."  Yet, we are drawn to the sea to watch during storms and find the power quite beautiful ("good").

In reality, the ocean's power is neither good or bad, it just is.  The ocean is simply doing its daily duty of coming onshore as it has for millions of years.  It is not until we label it good or bad that we begin to associate emotions with the power.

How funny we humans are about power.  We crave it, we fear it, we love it, we hate it, we worship it, we run from it.  Power always evokes strong emotions, yet power itself is neutral like the sea.

How different this world would be if each of us knew our own power.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Tease if You Are Not Going to Deliver

Yesterday afternoon the air smelled so sweet.  It was the smell of the Earth awakening, dark, dusky and fresh all at the same time.  I opened all the doors and windows and beckoned in the aroma to replace winter's stale scent.  I'll admit, I had fantasies.  Fantasies of spring.  Fantasies of planting a garden.  Fantasies the winter was over.

photo of fern by Nancy Zavada

Now, just 24 hours later, it is cold, raining and hailing, with snow forecast overnight.  C'mon, Mother Nature, don't tease this excitable gardener.  It's just not nice!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Than Counting Sheep

photo of snow on bamboo by Nancy Zavada

One of the benefits of sleeplessness last night was watching the Leap Day snowfall around 3:00 a.m.  It felt like the scene was staged for my pleasure alone as there were no other lights on in the neighborhood.

With great gratitude, I took in the show as the soft puffs of white snow passed by the street lamp and blanketed the yard below.  Over an hour later, the snow slowed to a stop, my eyelids grew heavier and I shuffled back to my warm bed and to sleep.

This morning, the snow was nearly gone when I poked my head out the window but I was still smiling inside.