Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What a romantic image the word, "spindrift" has.  Along the coasts around the world there are hotels, pubs, streets, rock bands, marinas and soft drinks all using this enchanting nautical term.

The photo I published earlier this month shows an excellent example of the effect and was in fact taken during the gale.   What I have learned since then is that spindrift refers to spray blown from cresting waves during a gale.  The spray, which "drifts" in the direction of the gale, is one of the characteristics of a wind speed of 8 Beaufort and higher at sea. 

Spindrift has long been a telltale sign used by mariners to define a Force 8 wind at sea.  Basically, if you were at sea, this was something you didn't want to see.   This site give you all of the details, some scarier than others.  http://www.lymingtonharbour.co.uk/tide%20weather/tide%20weather.htm

So I have decided spindrift is a very romantic notion if you are sitting by a warm fire, sipping a warm cup of tea, looking out at its beauty.  Not so much if you are standing on the rolling deck of a ship in your bright yellow rain gear being pelted by rain and wind fearing for your safety.

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  1. I didn't know this meaning of Spindrift. It is a beautiful word, best viewing from onshore than off.