Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Beauty

photo of a white flower at Rockaway Beach Oregon
There is nothing quite as breathtaking as a coastal rhododendron in the morning dew!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Ship (Boat) Has Come In

photo of old boat in rockaway beach oregon
This old boat is "docked" in the street's grassy easement next to our place. We just figured, she was part of the deal.

Someone apparently tired of this spry vessel and decided her final happy landing would be on Island Street complete with dock line, anchor chain, bench seats and lots of dry rot. The visiting kids have a great time playing pirate ship as they set sail on imaginary adventures.

Each spring, she appears to be cutting through the waves of grass on her own great adventure having made it through another ruthless winter on the Oregon Coast. This year, I snapped a quick photo before Landlubber Bob and his lawnmower caused a low tide.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is This Goodbye or Just See Ya Later?

photo of the crescent moon over Rockaway Beach Oregon
There is a belief by some that The Rapture is planned for tomorrow at 6:00pm. I have also heard tell that only about 3% of the population qualifies according to those who do. So for the rest of us not making the cut, there have been a variety of reactions. For instance, "Rapture Parties" are springing up everywhere and are especially popular with college age citizens.

The most enterprising idea is the entrepreneur who is charging $135/pet to go over to your house after you have been raptured (not sure of the correct terminology here) and pick up your pet. They will keep your pet healthy and happy for the rest of its natural life. They advertise the rescuers are certified atheists and don't plan on leaving the planet themselves. Wish I had thought of that!

My plan? Well, I am at Saltair Station because if it is the end of the world, I would like to spend my last minutes next to the sea with my honey. I haven't ruled out the possibility of wandering down to the local watering hole and hoisting a cold one with town characters. If I hoist enough cold ones, I may just see the face of Jesus appear in a Pronto Pup!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music To My Ears

Is there anything better than being awakened by song birds announcing the new day? What a sweet sound!

Here at Saltair Station they start at 4:45am, but even at that early time, I am not complaining.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Home of the Pronto Pup

photo of Pronto Pup Trailer in Rockaway Beach Oregon
One especially wet summer day in the 1930's, Rockaway hot dog purveyor George Boyington was feeding mushy buns to the seagulls and asking himself, "Why not cook the bun when it's needed?" He went home to his lovely wife, Vera, and they began tinkering with recipes for a batter-dipped, deep fried hot dog.

He created a pancake batter based mix (not to be confused with corn dogs made of a cornmeal mix) to coat the hot dogs and followed by deep-frying them to a golden brown. The Boyington's knew they were on to something special, so they franchised the recipe and the rest is fast-food history! (source: Wikipedia and the Pronto Pup website)

Well, the weather hasn't changed much over the years. At the Annual Kite Festival this weekend, the rain was once again plentiful and soggy buns were in the forecast. Thankfully, the Pronto Pup Wagon showed up along with the rain.

Even though I am not much of a "hot dog on a stick" type of girl, I do believe in tradition and I stepped right up to claim my own deep-fried piece of local history. Thanks, George and Vera!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Will the Cow Jump Over the Moon?

My earlier report of the Town Cow resting in peace was inaccurate. A recent article in the Headlight Herald had an update about the cow's adventures. As the article was longish, I will just give you the pertinent details:

  • The cow was moved from the wayside on April 21st to the Rockaway Beach Water Treatment Plant (seems like a strange place, but they never said why).
  • Ford Foundation, which launched the project in 2008, was mad.
  • So was the Port of Tillamook County which owns the wayside property and hadn't been informed.
  • The Rockway Beach City manager said he had permission for the move.
  • Meanwhile, the cow was moved once again this time to the offices of the Tillamook Cow Online Radio Station by the station's operator where it remains today.
  • The 2,000 pound statue has developed a crack from all of the heavy lifting.
  • The student who had began painting the cow, but never finished the project, was disappointed and really wants to complete her painting.
  • The Foundation does not want the cow on private property as it is designed to be "public art."
  • All agree, this is not the final resting place for the cow, but no one agrees where it should be.
Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up! If only the Emily G Reed shipwreck had caused such a stir among the local residents when it surfaced. Stay tuned for more antics!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Westward Ho!

photo of the ocean taken at the wayside in Rockaway Beach Oregon
It only takes four days in Iowa to remind me what a "coastal girl" I am. Saltwater apparently flows through my veins and makes me uncomfortable when I am in a land-locked state. On the flight home, I was daydreaming about the early settlers heading west and how I would have been compelled to join them, happily walking along side a covered wagon to get to the ocean.

Wake up, Nancy...me? "Happily walking along side a covered wagon" across the country. Are you kidding? Apparently, I was very eager to get home.

Luckily for my traveling companions, we flew!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Community Gardening

photo of artichoke plant in Rockaway Beach Oregon

Alas, I am leaving town and Saltair Station for the first time since September. Our friends will be keeping the camp fire burning for us and breathing in the sea air.

Meanwhile, I need the rest of you to guard my artichokes (seen here at sunset). The slugs, snails and I seem to be in a heated battle for these beautiful plants. They are ahead by two right now, but I am not ready to admit defeat.

Thank you for supporting my coastal gardening efforts!

P.S. Don't worry about the deer, they are busy eating the other plants.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Am a Lucky Girl

photo of forest in Rockaway Beach Oregon
When the sunlight comes through the trees in late afternoon, this is the view from our back deck. I have been trying to capture the spectacular beauty on film for a long time without much luck. Note to self: remember it is "coastal time."

On Good Friday, the anniversary of the day Bob proposed to me, my luck changed and I snapped this photo. Now if your other senses can imagine the smell of the cedar and pine trees mixed with salt air, and the sounds of the gentle wind and ocean waves in the distance, you will have the complete picture.