Monday, November 8, 2010

Headin' Down The Highway

There was a black bear cruising up Highway 101 along Miami Cove as we came around the corner heading to Saltair Station last week. What a surprise! It was a pitch black evening with no moon. There he was, rolling along as fast has his short bear legs would carry him. We passed him like a couple of rubbernecking tourists as our jaws hit the floor.

We quickly pulled over in hopes of seeing him again or at least offering him a ride in the pickup to his final destination--perhaps Karla's Famous Smoked Fish Shop? But it appeared he made a right turn back into the forest. I think we were way more excited than he was.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where Now, Green Cow?

photo of cow in rockaway beach oregon Tillamook COWnty had this terrific idea to put these cow statues around the area. After all, there are more cows than people in the county--I'll give you that. Problem: there aren't any cows in Rockaway and folks don't really relate to the whole "cow theme". Perhaps if it were a fish or sea gull or a pirate, it might have a better chance.

Anyway, this poor cow (it was white at that time) was first placed on the front lawn of the high school. After much community unrest, it was agreed the cow must go and the search began for a new home. Not a lot of takers came forward.

Finally, the city council decided The Wayside--our town's "outdoor living room"-- would be a fitting place for it. So it was moved and painted. Painting apparently didn't help because once again this cow has become the subject of much controversy. The neighbors do not want it to stay and I have heard talk of a petition being circulated. To their point, it really looks out of place.

Perhaps it would make a great boat anchor at the bottom of Tillamook Bay? Just a suggestion.