Sunday, May 31, 2015

Coastal Navigation

“Turn at the goats.”  That was it, the complete driving directions we received when calling the Quilt and Textile Center.

“The goats?” we asked.

“Yes, the goats,” which was repeated three more times during the conversation.

Finally giving up and hanging up, my front seat navigator turned to me perplexed.  “What goats?” she asked me.  I shrugged.  In my eight years in this coastal community, I have never seen a goat.  Plenty of cows, but no goats.

It wouldn’t have been quite so frustrating if we hadn’t already…

… been traveling back and forth on the same six mile loop for over an hour looking for the Center,
…stopped at the Visitors Center which was closed on a Saturday during the busy tourist season providing no help,
…followed the attraction signs which pointed us in a different direction altogether,
…or, learned the GPS system directs to you the fairgrounds on the other side of the city.

So we abandoned our plans to see the Quilt and Textile Center and headed back home to Netarts on Hwy 101.    A mile down the road we come upon another sign to the Center and decide on one, last ditch effort to find the place.  A few blocks past the sub shop and car wash, we see the building.  Hooray!  As we turn in, off to the right there is a house with a play structure in the yard and, imagine that, a couple of goats lying down in the tall grass.  We can just barely see their ears sticking up and it's not a herd of goats or a landmark by any means.

When we finally walked in the front door we were greeted by the Center Staff who were completely unfazed as we described our journey.  Without even a hint of concern that visitors might not be able to find them, they simply stated once again, “Well, we told you to turn at the goats.”

Note:  We were the only car in the parking lot.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Snail's Pace

Some days (aka today) this little guy could beat me in a race to the finish line.  It has been one of those weeks/months with too many projects and too little relaxation.  I am worn out.

This morning when I saw this snail crossing the porch on his way to my newly-budding geraniums, my first response was to relocate him...quickly.  Instead, I sat down in the wicker rocking chair, leaned back and watched him creep along toward his pink and red destination.  His pace was slow yet straight and determined, taking advantage of the morning dew.

I was reminded of a fortune, from a long-ago cookie, which sits on my desk simply stating, "You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course."   These words have rung true in my life, yet I appear to have forgotten them during the recent flurry of activity.  The Universe apparently decided I needed a visual reminder, so along he came.

Seeing it as a sign* I slowed my own pace today and am thankful for his presence.

*I wasn't always such a firm believer in "signs."  In an earlier life chapter, I was engaged on May 18th.  Later that day, Mt. St. Helens violently erupted.  Unaware I should be paying attention to the sign, I went ahead and married the guy which ended badly.  Enough said, I now pay attention.

Friday, May 8, 2015