Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ahoy Bucko! Be This Your Ship?

Rockaway hosted it's "First Annual Pirate Festival" this year. We were sad to hear the news--not because we don't love a good pirate--but because it replaced the Annual Jazz Festival. The ocean served as the backdrop for The Jazz Festival and offered wonderful music on a summer's evening as the sun set and stars appeared. Last year, Tom Grant's performance with Shelley Rudolph's remarkable vocals was truly a memorable event. Their rendition of "Midnight at the Oasis" had us both swooning!

Anyway, back to the pirates. This year, we walked down to the Festival and did manage to spot a few pirates here and there among the booths selling the usual beach trinkets. It seemed the hub of activity, however, was the wayside filled with carnival rides. Try as I may, I couldn't figure out the connection between pirates and amusement rides. I pondered for quite a while. Finally it occurred to me, the Galaxy 3000 was not a ride, but in fact, must be the latest in pirate ships. The buccaneers had docked it here while attending the festival. Arr swabbie, a fine vessel she be at that!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Using your cell phone here is a challenge. It is one of the things we like about our Saltair Station world--the ability to disconnect. But sometimes we do need to communicate with the outside world and had been known to stand on one leg, turn to the north and wave the phone until those pesky bars appear to make a call.

Our first summer here, there appeared this chair at the edge of our property with a note designating it for cell phone use. We are not sure who puts it there each year, but the locals have apparently figured out this is the spot with the best reception in the community and wanted to make it more comfortable.

And all day long--evenings too--people come to this spot to have their conversations. It really works! This is extra fun for us because while in the garden we can easily hear all of the conversations--without straining. Parents checking on teenagers left at home, teenage girls checking on boyfriends left at home, lovers swooning, couples fighting and all of the other conversations of life.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse in the fall, the chair disappears and not too long afterwards the tree behind it is decorated for the holidays. Again, by those invisible locals. I have to believe all winter long, folks are inside sitting by a warm fire communicating over the screaming fast internet this town offers. But, we are all still longing for the warm summer and the cell phone chair.

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 4th Fireworks

photo of purple african daisy in bloom

The fireworks in Rockaway were spectacular this year. There is nothing quite like the experience of watching the pyrotechnic team set them off, hearing the boom and seeing the explosion of light and color immediately overhead. The crowd cheered with each an every rocket. WOW!

Meanwhile--back in the garden--there was also an explosion of color and vibrant beauty. The African Daisy I brought home from the Tillamook Farmers Market was not intimidated by the "Big Show" and was strutting its stuff. Just like during the fireworks, I applauded and cheered this spectacular display. WOW!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Dogs in July

The Fourth of July in Rockaway is quite an event. The town swells in population with nearly every house full to the brim and then some. There is an incredible sense of community and bountiful hospitality for those just visiting. While there a number of fun activities, there is nothing quite like the "Firecracker Weiner Nationals."

Yes, this annual running of the dachsunds has become a very popular event. This was my first year, but it apparently has had quite a following for a number of years with "Sheriff" being the odds-on favorite. One gentleman was telling me his pooch was out in front last year when he made the fatal mistake of cheering the dog on from the sidelines. As soon as he shouted, Go, Maxie!" The contestant stopped to greet his friend and lost the race.

With more entries than ever, the competition was fierce. In the excitement, I didn't catch the name of the winner. But he sure was proud--and so was the guy holding him over his head excitedly racing around the field for a victory lap.