Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Using your cell phone here is a challenge. It is one of the things we like about our Saltair Station world--the ability to disconnect. But sometimes we do need to communicate with the outside world and had been known to stand on one leg, turn to the north and wave the phone until those pesky bars appear to make a call.

Our first summer here, there appeared this chair at the edge of our property with a note designating it for cell phone use. We are not sure who puts it there each year, but the locals have apparently figured out this is the spot with the best reception in the community and wanted to make it more comfortable.

And all day long--evenings too--people come to this spot to have their conversations. It really works! This is extra fun for us because while in the garden we can easily hear all of the conversations--without straining. Parents checking on teenagers left at home, teenage girls checking on boyfriends left at home, lovers swooning, couples fighting and all of the other conversations of life.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse in the fall, the chair disappears and not too long afterwards the tree behind it is decorated for the holidays. Again, by those invisible locals. I have to believe all winter long, folks are inside sitting by a warm fire communicating over the screaming fast internet this town offers. But, we are all still longing for the warm summer and the cell phone chair.

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