Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Dogs in July

The Fourth of July in Rockaway is quite an event. The town swells in population with nearly every house full to the brim and then some. There is an incredible sense of community and bountiful hospitality for those just visiting. While there a number of fun activities, there is nothing quite like the "Firecracker Weiner Nationals."

Yes, this annual running of the dachsunds has become a very popular event. This was my first year, but it apparently has had quite a following for a number of years with "Sheriff" being the odds-on favorite. One gentleman was telling me his pooch was out in front last year when he made the fatal mistake of cheering the dog on from the sidelines. As soon as he shouted, Go, Maxie!" The contestant stopped to greet his friend and lost the race.

With more entries than ever, the competition was fierce. In the excitement, I didn't catch the name of the winner. But he sure was proud--and so was the guy holding him over his head excitedly racing around the field for a victory lap.


  1. This is terrific, what a fun race to watch.! I have a "Saltair" in Rockaway Beach, too, and I found your blog. My beach house is mostly used by other people since we rent it out but someday I may just hold the Fourth of July for myself so I can watch this fun race.I am glad I found your blog.

  2. Hi,

    I am glad you found the blog too! Rockaway is a wonderful place to share with others. You really shouldn't miss July 4th.

    See you at the races,

    Miss Nancy