Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Half Past, High Tide

When you no longer schedule your day by the clock, but instead use a tide table to make plans, you've gone "Coastal."  Coastal is probably the polar opposite of "postal" because your stress level is so low, it is impossible to even imagine committing a violent act.

Let me explain.  We spend copious amounts of time in September at the Oregon Coast, as the winds die down and the sun is still nice and warm.  During this time, I began to noticed myself arranging plans according to the tide...when to walk the dog, the best time for boating, and when to manifest fresh crab for dinner. 

Then the kitchen clock stopped and, while at first frantic to find a replacement battery, I quickly adapted.  By the time new batteries were purchased, it was obvious the clock was no longer necessary.  In fact, it is still on a shelf.
On Sunday, when I looked outside, quickly checking the bay, to decide if it was time for an errand and knew the transformation was complete,  I had gone Coastal.  So if you are trying to schedule a time to get together, consult a tide table and then give me a call.  I will be available at half past, high tide.