Monday, May 16, 2011

Home of the Pronto Pup

photo of Pronto Pup Trailer in Rockaway Beach Oregon
One especially wet summer day in the 1930's, Rockaway hot dog purveyor George Boyington was feeding mushy buns to the seagulls and asking himself, "Why not cook the bun when it's needed?" He went home to his lovely wife, Vera, and they began tinkering with recipes for a batter-dipped, deep fried hot dog.

He created a pancake batter based mix (not to be confused with corn dogs made of a cornmeal mix) to coat the hot dogs and followed by deep-frying them to a golden brown. The Boyington's knew they were on to something special, so they franchised the recipe and the rest is fast-food history! (source: Wikipedia and the Pronto Pup website)

Well, the weather hasn't changed much over the years. At the Annual Kite Festival this weekend, the rain was once again plentiful and soggy buns were in the forecast. Thankfully, the Pronto Pup Wagon showed up along with the rain.

Even though I am not much of a "hot dog on a stick" type of girl, I do believe in tradition and I stepped right up to claim my own deep-fried piece of local history. Thanks, George and Vera!

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