Sunday, May 15, 2011

Will the Cow Jump Over the Moon?

My earlier report of the Town Cow resting in peace was inaccurate. A recent article in the Headlight Herald had an update about the cow's adventures. As the article was longish, I will just give you the pertinent details:

  • The cow was moved from the wayside on April 21st to the Rockaway Beach Water Treatment Plant (seems like a strange place, but they never said why).
  • Ford Foundation, which launched the project in 2008, was mad.
  • So was the Port of Tillamook County which owns the wayside property and hadn't been informed.
  • The Rockway Beach City manager said he had permission for the move.
  • Meanwhile, the cow was moved once again this time to the offices of the Tillamook Cow Online Radio Station by the station's operator where it remains today.
  • The 2,000 pound statue has developed a crack from all of the heavy lifting.
  • The student who had began painting the cow, but never finished the project, was disappointed and really wants to complete her painting.
  • The Foundation does not want the cow on private property as it is designed to be "public art."
  • All agree, this is not the final resting place for the cow, but no one agrees where it should be.
Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up! If only the Emily G Reed shipwreck had caused such a stir among the local residents when it surfaced. Stay tuned for more antics!

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