Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Bar

photo of driftwood at Nedonna Beach Oregon by Nancy ZavadaNedonna Beach, Oregon has a lot of driftwood. Seriously, it has a sea of sun bleached, saltwater soaked wood. The trail to the ocean from the parking lot leads you through a small portion seen here.

While some are content to sit upon a dry piece to watch the water, other project-minded visitors feel compelled to build things.
photo of driftwood fort at Nedonna Beach Oregon by Nancy Zavada

So as you wander down the beach you see all types of amazing structures. Some are clearly meant for blocking the wind and others appear to be forts. Ahhh, to be a child again working alongside my buddies building strongholds to defend the beach from marauding pirates!

photo of drifwood bar at Nedonna Beach Oregon by Nancy Zavada
This structure overlooking the ocean has been here for years. It is not a fort, but instead is a bar. Yes, that's right a working bar. Seen here in winter, you can make out the basic outline. Come summer, it receives repairs from winter storm damage and is outfitted with a bar sign, flags, drink menu and all the accoutrements necessary to serve up Salty Dogs (the drink, not the locals). We have never been able to figure out which family or group is responsible for this annual event, but we applaud their efforts and the creative use of nature's flotsam and jetsam.

Our mission this summer is to capture the bar open for business on film and report back to you, little drink umbrellas and all!

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