Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Two Favorite Things

Those who know me can tell you about my love of nature and how thrilled I am when I can save money. Imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to co-author a book about simultaneously doing both! Our new book will be coming out in a few short weeks and we have already had people pre-order copies.

I don't usually talk about business on this blog, but I am one of the lucky ones. My job allows me to combine my passion for the Earth and the meeting industry, making a difference everyday. So my personal and professional lives blend beautifully.

I am grateful for a husband and daughter who support my efforts and are my biggest fans. They cheer me on when I am terrified (just before a big speech) and applaud me when it is over. They also laugh out loud at the expression on my face when I am served food on styrofoam.

If this book had a dedication page, it would read...

"To Bob and Kate, thanks for believing in me."

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