Monday, June 6, 2011

Working On Coastal Time

photo of the Nehalem River by Nancy Zavada
One of the peculiarities of living in a small town is the limited access to supplies. This coastal town has no gas station, no hardware store, no plant nursery and no appliance store. We do our best to plan ahead and be prepared.

Problem: to complete any decent plumbing or electrical project, Bob requires 1-3 trips to the store for parts and tools which entails a 20 mile drive in either direction. It's not his fault, it is a man thing.

Saturday morning, he was patiently installing the new porch lights I couldn't live without when it became time for a visit to the store. We decided to make it an outing, because the weather was sunny and unseasonably warm. We drove two towns north to Nehalem and the closest hardware store.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch in Wheeler at a restaurant with rustic outdoor seating overlooking the river. The well-worn docks were deserted except for a few crab pots and a "Seagull Security" guard. The seagull kept a keen eye trained on those crab pots for over an hour from his station atop the piling. Finally, sensing there was no immediate danger of theft, he sat down and basked in the sun along with the rest of us.

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