Friday, June 17, 2011

Pirate Scouting, Day One

My initial quest to find pirates here a Saltair Station has resulting in the following sightings:

  • One middle-aged biker gang in full leather regalia cruising up Hwy. 101
  • Two young hipsters having their picture taken with a large chicken made of oil barrels
  • A wiener dog sporting a red, white and blue crocheted sweater
  • A saleman wearing three different types of plaid selling “real” bonsai trees for $10

No pirates, though. So, clever girl that I am, I decided to check the places where the thirsty pirates could get a fresh ration of rum. The Novelty Store (our town’s name for the liquor store) and the Pharmacy (Garibaldi’s name for the liquor store). Note to self: check to see why small coastal towns don’t call them liquor stores. I also checked the Pirate’s Cove Restaurant to no avail.

If not rum, perhaps jewels are the answer, so I even checked the Treasure Chest Antique Shop. I thought it was a long shot, but there was a big picture of a bulging treasure chest on the sign outside which I had hoped might lure them in. Nope.

I did see Jerry Garcia selling kettlecorn in a tie-dyed t-shirt while riding a large red tricycle—is that close enough?

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