Friday, January 14, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

Outside my window, the relentless rain is blowing sideways. Thankfully, I am now sitting beside a fire watching it.

Earlier today, driving down the Wilson River Highway was like going through a car wash--not much visibility and blasting water coming from all directions. I wouldn't have been a bit surprised to see those big, spinning brushes come by my window too.

When the rain and wind allowed, we could see the Wilson River. The normally beautiful river had become a muddy brown torrent carrying huge logs down the mountain. The river was cresting the banks at flood stage and reminded me of a much scarier version of "Splash Mountain".

But "the good news is" (as my friend Mary would say)...this means the the waterfalls are bountiful and beautiful. Here is one of my favorites near Idiotville.

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