Monday, January 3, 2011

The Shy Miss Emily

photo of Emily G. Reed Shipwreck in Rockaway Beach Oregon
Apparently, all the attention on Saturday was just too much for the Emily G. Reed shipwreck. The next morning, this was all that was visible. One timber.

The rest of the shipwreck was covered in sand. It was the oddest feeling, to have seen it there the day before and then overnight, she disappeared (well, mostly) once again.

People were wandering around looking for the shipwreck they had heard about--some only the day before. We directed several folks to this one beam and explained what lies beneath their feet. They looked as us rather skeptically.

For me, it was a very bittersweet experience. She appeared overnight and vanished the same way. I had hoped to see more of her as the winter waves washed away the sand. But instead, they brought back the sand and the mystery.

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