Sunday, January 16, 2011

That's A Lot Of Weather, Bill!

Locals use the term "weather" differently here. They might say, "Come on in and get dry, there's plenty of weather out there today." Or, "happy to see there is not much weather this morning." Weather is measured in less and more and encompasses wind, rain, clouds, fog, etc. In Portland we would most likely say, "Boy, was it ever windy and rainy today." Describing which forces of nature were active.

I have been pondering this for a while and have decided it is because the weather here is much more intense and also has more control over your life. When it is particularly windy (and usually wet) the phone system is sporadic. If you do get a line, it is very crackly and sounds like you are calling from the 1930's. Electricity is also in question. With the rain, flooding is common so it is always best to know two routes to every destination. Yes, I finally understand.

This morning the rain is still pounding the house with the same intensity it usually has during a thunderstorm--for the third day in a row. A quick check of the local precipitation reports show 10.75 inches of rain has fallen in a couple of days. Bundled together with the wind, clouds and golly, that's a lot of weather!

P.S. I also learned yesterday that while "animals" in the city are referred to as "pets," here they should be called "livestock." Just trying to save you the same embarrassment.

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