Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sound of Music

Realtors say, "Location, Location, Location" is the most important decision when buying a house. I agree! Our "locations" allow us to walk to get a cup of coffee and a Sunday paper. It's a short walk to the grocery store, the bank, and restaurants. Not to mention the beach, of course, while in Rockaway and the Farmers Market in Portland.

Sounds are important to me as well. I like to hear the sound of trains off in the distance. Something about their melancholy whistles make me feel safe and secure. And church bells. St. Mary's Church in Rockaway calls everyone to their morning worship and the sound rings throughout town. Music to my ears.

Bob's "music" also includes the high-noon test of the town's emergency sirens. Not as pretty perhaps, but a reminder to put down the power tools and come inside for a sandwich and Perry Mason.

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