Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surf's Down

Across the street and down the block here at Saltair Station there is a delightful little A-frame cottage. With just one loft bedroom, one bathroom and a tiny kitchen with a wood burning stove it is cozy and quaint. The small deck is adjacent to a fairly large yard.

During the summers, the home is always a hub of activity. The deck is littered with surfboards, coolers, and towels drying in the breeze. Men and women in their 20's come and go, couples neck out front and there is a general bustle of energy. Surf's up--it is the summer season. Then as the days grow shorter, the band of merry makers pack up all their belongings, strap the surfboards to their aging cars and head out for the next adventure.

Today, there was an ad in the local paper looking to rent the cottage. My guess is it will stand empty for few more rainy months and then a new group of carefree friends will pull up, unload their surfboards and coolers and fill the cottage with energy and laughter.

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