Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dam It!

There's a creek in Rockaway that runs into the ocean.  It has been doing so for a very long time, yet every day children want to change that.  They work and work with pails, shovels, pieces of driftwood, and even seaweed to stop the flow.  By evening, either the tide or the creek break down the barriers and the water reaches the sea once more.

The next day, another child happens upon the stream, has the same idea and begins digging.  Nothing required but imagination and creativity for hours of entertainment.  Often groups of children and even their parents will conspire on elaborate dams, spending all day on the project.  By the next morning, the slate will be wiped clean for a new set of "engineers" to begin.

As I sit here watching the latest effort,  I imagine all of the children over the many years who have spent an enchanted day playing in the sand and water.  Perhaps even my father and his father before him. 

photo of a child building a dam on Rockaway Beach, Oregon by Nancy Zavada

What a wonderful gift this little creek brings to the world!

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