Friday, August 31, 2012

What, Me Worry?

It was 4:30am and I awoke with a start--nothing appeared out of the ordinary and the house was quiet.  My mind, however, not content with that answer took off like a bull at a rodeo, charging out of the stocks and romping wildly around trying to free itself.  Unwilling to join the fun, my body lay very still hoping trick my mind back to sleep.

No such luck though, my mind was not to be corralled this soon and began galloping through it's list of things to worry about (one right after the other):

Did I remember to send that birthday card?
Is there enough sour cream for dinner?
When was that dentist appointment?
Why don't people believe in climate change?
Will it be nice enough weather for a walk on the beach?
What time does the sun come up so I can check?
Do I absolutely have to sand that dresser before I paint it?
Is the paint I bought too blue?
Or too grey?
Why is abortion a political discussion?
Seriously, did I send that birthday card or not?
Why am I in my 50's, where did the time go?
What should I make for Christmas dinner, ham and turkey?
I would like some toast.
Did I make enough jam for the winter?
Is it time for an oil change?
Why isn't the sun up yet?
Will I need a nap later?
Should I wash my new pants before I shorten them?
Is there enough detergent?
How about hamburgers for dinner instead?
Will Marie think I am crazy if I end up sending her two birthday cards?

And so it went until an hour passed and another one.  My mind bucking and twisting around the ring with more questions than answers.  Finally, it was all tuckered out and settled down with an exasperated snort. Thinking it was now safe to move, my body rolled over and nestled into the warm covers. 

Sleep settled in as the sun rose in the morning sky answering one of my questions.

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