Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Is Where Your Nest Is

This is not a flower.

This is a baby robin waiting not so patiently for his mother to return to the nest with something delightful to eat.  His brother (or sister) is napping right now, but not this little guy.  He is on high alert with his fuzzy head bobbing about.

photo of robins nest by Nancy Zavada

This is my patio table umbrella.

Yes, a robin built a nest in my umbrella one weekend and laid her eggs.  I immediately forbid anyone in my family from using the back door, back deck or backyard until further notice.  That sweet mother commenced sitting on those eggs day and night, never leaving the nest.  I was impressed by her parenting skills and tenacity.  Summer has been passing by and we have yet to use the back deck.

Several days ago I noticed the eggs had hatched and two chicks appeared.  The mother now spends time away gathering food for her hungry family returning with early morning earthworms, their favorite.  I think she is a single mother, because I never see any other robins around helping out.

It is probably time to give up the notion of using the table at all this summer, but you know, it is worth it!

Photographers note:  Of course, as soon as I put my camera away, the second baby popped up to check out the scene.

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