Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Birds

photo of birds on a wire by Nancy Zavada

If Alfred Hitchcock's famous film, The Birds, terrified you, stay away!  The Bird Nation of Rockaway Beach is alive and well this week.

The normal flocks of seagulls and shorebirds are busy feeding off tourists down on the beach.  The blue jays are darting about. The vocal crows start before the first rays of the sun come over the Coast Range and don't stop squawking until dark.  Yesterday, at least twenty little wrens were simultaneously frolicking in my birdbath.  They splashed and preened so much, I had to fill it up again after they were done.

For the past several days, a murmuration of birds have been gracing the sky here.  They fly in unison darting this way and that, all moving the same way at the same time.  As I watch, I wonder how nearly 200 birds can possibly be so connected, their movements so precise.  I haven't seen them before on the Oregon Coast and have yet to identify them.

Today, the group stopped in a tall tree above our house and their high-pitched chirping filled the air.  The house was engulfed in their happy music.  After 10 minutes or so, they took flight once again and headed west to the sea.

Oh, how I could watch them forever!

If you haven't seen a murmuration of birds, spend two minutes watching this video and be prepared, once again, to be amazed by Mother Nature

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