Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Washed Up

These are Bob’s beach barbells. He built them with two floats and a piece of driftwood we found on Nedonna Beach. He then proceeded do his strong man act for me and I was, of course, required to swoon.

Besides finding the100 year old shipwreck , we really haven’t found too many treasures while beachcombing. The good news is we haven’t found too much garbage either, our beach is pretty clean. All that might change in the upcoming years as researchers in Hawaii have created a simulation showing exactly how the houses, tires, chemicals and trees washed to sea by the March 11 tsunami will float across the Pacific and eventually hit the US coast.

“PSU oceanographer, Curt Petersen, has studied ocean currents for years. He says debris from the Japanese tsunami is currently making its way across the Pacific Ocean. Debris is getting caught up in the system of ocean currents that will eventually circulate it over to our coast. Peterson believes the heavier debris will sink, but he predicts we will see the lighter stuff, including washed-up timber from all the devastated structures, in about a year.” Source: The Oregonian.

The devastation of the tsunami will be undeniable for those of us living on the Oregon Coast.

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