Thursday, April 14, 2011


Will this relentless rain ever stop? I mean, really, this is ridiculous. I had waited patiently all day to take a walk outside without having to worry about drowning. Finally, a break in the clouds appeared and I quickly slipped on my walking shoes, grabbed a coat and headed out the door. Just when I arrived at the farthest possible spot on my route away from the warm, dry comfort of the house it started to rain. Little drops at first and then an impressive downpour ensued. Being a proper Oregonian, I had no umbrella with me.

With hair wet enough to cause streams of water to run down my forehead into my eyes, I stomped back down the street. Along the curb beside me, the water rushed toward a storm drain. The drain at the corner drain was clogged and had caused a rather large puddle to form. Smack in the middle of the puddle was a crow. This crow was having a fabulous time in the water. He was dipping, flapping, rolling and splashing like a character from a cartoon shower scene.

His antics got the better of me and a smile crept upon my face. Just upturned corners at first, but then a wide grin followed by laughter. Apparently, one woman’s puddle is a crow’s afternoon at the spa.

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