Friday, April 8, 2011

Call Homeland Security!

photo of unknown plant in Rockaway Beach Oregon These strange stalks are coming up everywhere in Saltair Station. Seriously, everywhere! My sister says they are alien beings. I would be very appreciative (and much more at ease) if someone out there could identify them, preferably as some type of plant.

Please let me know asap! Thank you.

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  1. Never mind calling Homeland Security, it appears these ARE actually plants. Thanks to Mom, I learned these strange things are Horsetail Grass. When we were little we used to call them bottle brush, but I didn't recognized them without their leaves.

    The proper name is Equisetum. Several websites I checked called them an "ancient vascular plant which is believed to be over 300 million years old." It appears that most cultures have used this plant to cure everything from arthritis to hemorrhoids and, boy, is there a lot of it for sale on the internet. Pacific Northwest Native Americans also used the horsetail grass to polish their wooden tools.