Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter from Adult Camp

Dear Family,

Here I am at Summer Camp.  I miss you all, but am doing fine.  My counselor said I should write home today and tell you that.  He also said I should tell you about what I do all day.

This morning I got up and looked out at the lake.  The sun was out and the steam was rising round the swimming dock.

I went down to the mess hall and had a latte with my breakfast.  Afterwards we campers went off to our morning hike on the beach where we picked up cool rocks and shells.  When we got back to camp it was reading time.  They made us read our favorite books sitting in the sun dappled forest. 

Next it was lunch time, so back to mess hall for cheese, fruit, smoked salmon and a little chocolate for dessert.  Right after lunch every single day, we have to take a nap in our bunks covered by our down comforters (thanks for sending my buddy, Bob, to camp too).

This afternoon was swimming, canoeing, fishing, or the water sport of your choice.  Other afternoons we do crafts like photography, woodworking or painting.  Some campers are learning to play instruments or sing.  Those taking cooking classes sometimes cook dinner for us with food grown right in the garden.

Around 5pm we all gather at the camp circle for cocktails and appetizers before dinner.  We talk about our day and what we have learned.  Then it is off to dinner (oh, I already told you about that).  The cook and the dishwasher are also very good at their jobs.

After dinner, we take a sunset walk and strike the flag for the day.  When it gets dark, we all meet at the bonfire to roast marshmallows and tell scary stories about our busy lives back home.  We have to tell stories because they took all our phones, computers, and other electronic devices away when we arrived and we can't get much everyday drama here.

So even though I miss you all and my work, I am doing fine.  My counselor says I am adapting to camp life quite well and I should probably stop my constant groveling and pleading to stay here forever.  The other campers have started doing the same thing.

Anyway, don't worry about me, I will be home soon. 



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