Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Happen To Have Any Grey Poupon?

Traveling down Highway 101 making yet another run to the hardware store last weekend, this car pulled out in front of us.  It jettisoned onto the highway along a quiet stretch that comes directly down from the mountains.

A true coastal car, this vessel had rope and a cleat in case of high tide, a motorcycle for a fast get away, a wooden plank tied to the right side so as not to be side-swiped, a missing persons sign in the back window, a bike wheel on the roof and a coffee pot swinging in the breeze.  Appearing to be held together by rust and mold, it squeaked and bounced down the road randomly firing puffs of black smoke at us.

Easing alongside at the first stop light, we noted the interior matched the exterior of this road warrior.  Slyly glancing over at the driver, he appeared to be a coastal character too! 

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