Saturday, September 10, 2011

It Is Yes Day

When the kids were little, my girlfriend and I used to take them camping each summer in the mountains right next to a picturesque lake.  Just two women and four children under the age of 8.  Each day during our week-long trips we would have a different theme such as:

Backwards Day where everyone wore the clothes backwards, talked backwards,we served dinner for breakfast and so on.

Parade Day where the kids decorated the bikes and themselves with whatever they could find or make and then merrily parade around the campground enrolling all the other children.

On Color Day we drew a color out of a hat in the morning and then we all had to find clothes that same color to wear, make food that color, create posters and use the word whenever possible.

But the favorite day of all was YES Day.  On YES Day,  "the mothers" had to say yes to anything the kids asked.  We never announced this day, but when all of their requests were granted they would usually figure it out by noon.  It was pretty safe as they were young and their requests were things like no vegetables at dinner, eating candy all day not just at the evening campfire and playing in their tents instead of outdoors.  It is a vacation story they still tell often.

These memories came flooding back to me yesterday.  Camper Bob and I were sitting outside, basking  in the sun and quietly listening to the ocean    When all at once he blurted out,  "Is it YES Day?"  Apparently he had heard the stories and was interested in reviving the tradition!

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