Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is It Just Me?

photo of mattress springs on rockaway beach oregon by Nancy Zavada

The rusty metal pieces sticking out of this bank at the beach are actually box springs.  Yes, very old box springs twisted and warped from time, weather and waves.

They are laying horizontally about three feet above the sand and six feet below street level.  Two-thirds of each frame is still embedded in the bank.

Why,  or maybe more importantly, how did they get there?  How long ago? Where did they come from?  Was it planned or an abandoned hotel?

How, or maybe more importantly, why am I constantly surprised by the discoveries I make at the Oregon Coast?

Some people engage in crossword puzzles, others test their mental ability with sudoku, I apparently gaze around and ponder this crazy world of ours.  I heard today that Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame is leaving the show.  His opening line, "Do you ever wonder why...?" has always resonated with me because I do wonder why...a lot.  Businessman Bob is encouraging me to apply for his position so I can make oodles of cash for what is already swirling around in my mind.

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