Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memories, Old and New

While the full moon made it impossible to view the meteor shower this year, there was still plenty of celebrating this weekend for Bob. You see, the pirate cousins thought it would be an entertaining rite of passage prove their prowess by drinking Old Man Bob under the table. So, working together they proceeded to convince him to take many straight shots of many types of liquor. The revelry continued until one by one, the younger generation hit the deck and the old man was still standing. They were right about one thing, it was quite entertaining. Although I don't believe they anticipated being the entertainment.

Here are some statistics which tell the tale of the rest of the weekend:

  • 37 crabs hoisted aboard for the birthday feast
  • 5 bags of ice to keep them cold
  • 9 of us experiencing the sights and smells of the Tillamook County Fair
  • 2 hours to get us all ready to go to the Fair (babies included)
  • 3.5 gallons of water to re-hydrate the pirates
  • 12 loads of laundry, all socks accounted for
  • 1 cribbage tournament with "The Parents" beating their children
  • 12 hours a day of amazing sunshine
4 generations together sharing stories of good times past and making new memories. Now that is worth celebrating!

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