Monday, August 1, 2011


Do you see the hummingbird in this photo? Well, he doesn't think you can.

The hummingbirds were very busy in the front yard over the weekend, poking at their favorite flowers in bloom, screeching at each other and generally darting every which way. Every so often, they stopped to rest. I was darting around myself trying to capture them on film and they were having none of it.

After a few tries, I realized they would sit quite still if I didn't make eye contact with them, but as soon as I peeked around a bloom and looked into their eyes, they flew away. So I tested my theory by playing this game with several birds. Sure enough, even if their whole body was in plain sight, as long as their eyes were covered they thought they were invisible. Just like a toddler--what fun!

Note: by the way, these little guys have lousy hours. Last night, they were still working at 9:00pm (just before dark). This morning, I was outside at 5:30am (thanks, Bob) and they were back noisily at work. I am not sure if it was light out because I don't open my eyes that early.

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