Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heaven Sent

Tomorrow is Birthday Bob’s special day. The family pirates and mermaids are gathering together to celebrate his birthday at Saltair Station. Several of the “cousins” are on leave from exploring the world and we are getting reacquainted again (cousins is the term I use for the next generation of scallywags, now mostly in their twenties, in our very blended family). It will be a festive day for sure!

Being a true Leo, Bob also thinks The Perseid Meteor shower has been scheduled in his honor. Something about how heaven must have sent him here. Being a true Virgo, I let him believe this. I will say this about the meteor showers though, if you have never seen them, get out of the city lights this weekend, kick back and watch a very dazzling show.

My thanks to wikipedia for providing the following details:
Each year, the Earth passes through the debris of a comet called the Swift-Tuttle. This debris burns up in our atmosphere to form what we see as meteors or shooting stars. The Perseid Meteor shower is at its peak during mid-August. In the US, it peaks on the night of August 12, 2011, and into the early morning of August 13. During a peak, at least 50–60 meteors can be observed during each hour. Considered the best and brightest meteor show of the year by many, it's a great opportunity to go outside and check out nature's own dramatic show. Note: The full moon may obscure some of the showers this year.

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