Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shark Boots By The Fire

It's a perfect day when...

… Someone larger and stronger holds your cold, wet hand so you aren’t frightened to jump in the waves.

…your teenage cousin helps you empty out your plastic boots which are full to the very brim with salt water from all that wave jumping.

…you make sand castles with your yellow bucket and purple shovel.

…you get to take a nap with your favorite blanket.

…Mom lifts you up so you can toss the ball at the arcade winning a treasured green bouncy ball.

…appeals to stop at the ice cream shop are immediately granted by a bighearted uncle ignoring your mother's objections.

...a puppy follows you home from a walk to the park.

…you examine all 64 colors in a box of crayons.

…you cuddle up to sleep in the bunkhouse near your sister and brother while your shark boots dry by the fire.

The rhythm of children. Eat, play, sleep. Repeat.

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