Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poor Bob, Now She Thinks She's a Duck!

You will almost certainly say I have been spending too much time studying nature after reading this post. I will probably reply, “You can never spend too much time in nature, but you may have a point.” Here is what I have observed…

Ducks work really hard. When flying from place to place, I notice how very hard they are flapping their wings. Constantly. They don’t take a break to glide on the air currents or even look around much at the view. Ducks just flap like mad until they get to water and then they immediately start paddling. No rest for them, no sir.

Eagles, on the other hand, seem to glide effortlessly working with the breeze. Every now and then, they take another stroke or two to keep airborne. They circle and soar, taking pleasure in all of the scenery and still arrive at their destination, without breaking a sweat.

Here’s the crazy part, I think I may be a duck.

All my life, I have worked very hard. I started work in high school as a counter girl at Whizburger. That’s right, Whizburger (stop laughing) where I learned pretty quickly if you aren’t busy with customers you had better be busy cleaning the counters. No leaning on the cash register chatting with fellow workers for me.

I took this lesson to a succession of minimum wage jobs and working my way up to better positions, I was able to support myself. Next, something called the American Dream said it was time to get married, buy a house and work hard to pay the mortgage. So I did.

Two great children later, I found myself starting a business the same month my husband unexpectedly decided he didn't want the American Dream after all and moved out. There was plenty of work to be done those first few years and, as all small business owners know, it just doesn’t stop. So this duck has been flapping pretty hard for nearly 40 years.

Taking a cue from my feathered friends, I have decided it is time to stop being a duck and become an eagle. To simply draw on universal energy to get where I am going, resting my wings and savoring the beauty along the way. I am still uncertain how to make this change, but as I watch the eagles in flight, it seems quite possible for me to join them!

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