Saturday, March 12, 2011

And They're Off!

Each year we miss the Garibaldi Crab Races, but not this time. No sir, nothing would stop us; not rain, wind or even a tsunami. With the anticipation building, we jumped in the car and headed for the Port of Garibaldi . Banners announcing the event were hoisted above Highway 101 and the parking lot was nearly full.

We clearly weren’t prepared for the noise and excitement, the thrill of the competition, or the incredible prizes (a football-shaped barbeque for the Ladies Cup). The 26th Annual Crab Races embraced traditions rivaling the Kentucky Derby and was nearly as loud when a starting gun was shot off indoors at the beginning of each heat. After calling the race, the announcer reminded the beer-drinking audience not to swear as there were children present.

The fashions worn by the local spectators were stunning. You could tell this wasn’t their first crab race and they had dressed for the occasion. One woman sported a red crab hat which appeared to be eating her head complete with its two huge eyes bobbing above. The classic was this older gentleman spotted returning to the crab track from the outdoor restroom.

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