Saturday, March 13, 2010

Service with a smile

Feeding the birds is one of my favorite things in Portland. I love watching them. At the beach, there are many different varieties and lots of them. So when we moved in, I immediately hung three feeders on the trees outside. I started buying bird seed in 10 lb. bags and my feathered friends went through the food rather quickly.

I stored the food in a sturdy plastic bucket with a really tight lid. Shortly thereafter I noticed a rather large hole in the bucket that was definitely not made by my feathered friends. It was that same weekend when we were sitting outside in the early evening. Down from the trees over the deck came a large rat and an even bigger raccoon. The raccoon reached over and grabbed one of the bird feeders. Seeing it was nearly empty, he shook it...looked me straight in the eye...and threw it at me as if to say, "Fill this up and make it snappy!"

Lesson #2 in getting along with the local wildlife.

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