Monday, March 8, 2010

Coastal Time Zone

When traveling over the coast range it is important to remember the time change. While the clock doesn't actually move forward or back, the relationship to time certainly does. The closer you get to the ocean, the slower the pace. Cars don't seem to be in such a hurry as the view is worth seeing, service is a little slower because people are catching up with their neighbors and things that seemed so urgent back in the city seem to drift away.

Good to know when you are trying to get things done at Saltair Station. For instance, we needed to get some dry rot fixed on the house so we called a contractor who showed up to take a look at it after just three weeks of phone calls. He promised to come back and fix it the next week, but never returned. Six months later we found another contractor who said he would be happy to fix it the next time the weather was good. The whole summer went by and no contractor. Well, it has been two years and we know one of them will show up someday.

The time zone is also in effect at the local coffee shop. One Saturday I went in for a cup of decaf coffee. The sweet girl behind the counter told me they were out of decaf but would have some on Wednesday--I should return then. Now in most cities, not having more than one type of coffee to serve for five days would be bad for business. But no one seemed very concerned.

So on your way down the highway, remember to switch to Coastal Time and glide on in.

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