Friday, December 11, 2015

Sanity Check

Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the Oregon Coast this week.  Homes were evacuated, raging rivers flooded their banks, the power was out and entire communities became cut off from the outside world by landslides.

Undaunted, these citizens watched out for each other during the storms and continue to help each other dig out from under tons of silt, water, and trees.  Often sending a distressed plea through social media for others to check on loved ones when the roads were washed away.  This small community banded together and the heartwarming stories are many.

We fared much better than most, only losing a pine tree to the wild winds.  It snapped off 16 feet up, unceremoniously dropping the upper half on the fence.  At the coast they jokingly call this "having your firewood delivered to your door."  Many have had it delivered by ocean waves this week, thankfully, not in our case.

The storms continue to batter the shore with lively thunder and lighting last night and another high wind warning alert for tomorrow.  Just as you are considering a sanity check might be in order, a moment (like the one pictured here) comes along.  The salty air whirls around you, the sky lightens and the birds once again take flight.  The calm before the next storm reminds you of why you live here.

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