Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

Is it an alien?
Darth Vader's sidekick?
A huge, armor-coated spider?

Not according to the local high school science teacher.   Upon exploring Netarts Bay last weekend searching for cool stuff for his students, he found this Kelp Crab.  It is cool, in a "creepy, don't ever want to run into one sort-of-way," I suppose.

He excitedly shared there are many, many of them in the Bay.  Oh boy, I guess. He went on to say Kelp Crab are known for the ability to climb and run quickly, oh dear.  They also pinch very hard, yikes.

Don't bother with all the scary sci-fi movies, this creepy crustacean will be the villain in my nightmares!