Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frequent Flyer

photo of a bald eagle in Netarts Oregon by Nancy Zavada

Here's the deal...I am not a fan of flying.  It's the long lines, chaotic airports, being "wanded," torturous seats, and generally, flying through the air at 38,000 feet in a small, steel tube.  It is a requirement of the work I do.  So I shut up, buckle up and go up in the air for hours at a time making the best of it.

If I were a bald eagle, my flying experience would be drastically different.  Easy take offs with only a minimum of squawking by the seagulls in Air Traffic Control, no security checkpoints, an abundance of room for my wing span and the ability to stop mid-flight for a fresh seafood snack.  

I wonder if he has free wi-fi?


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