Monday, September 30, 2013

What Doesn't Knock You Down, Will Bring You Closer

Four brothers came together at the beach last weekend drawn by the love of family and each other.  It had been years since all four had seen each other.  The time was designed as a chance for them to reconnect with one another, their mother and family.

The weather had been glorious all week leading up to the event, so all sorts of activities from crabbing and kayaking to hiking and beach combing were on the docket.  Instead two "unseasonable" storms (according to the weather forecasters) hit the coast bringing winds peaking at 83 mph.  The first storm started early Saturday and reached a crescendo that rattled windows and literally shook the house.  Rain slammed against the windows in sheets and the sea birds took cover to ride it out.

The activity schedule changed to sitting inside, cozy and warm.  Convened in one room, they shared stories of their lives past and present.  They reminisced about places, people, and girls whose hearts they had broken. Occasionally a huge gust would hit the house and conversation would stop as everyone took a moment to acknowledge the beauty and fury of the storm.  Then back to the reflections and storytelling.    Meals were made together and enjoyed after giving thanks for this precious time and the storm which made it more intimate.

When a nice walk was suggested, the brothers and a nephew suited up in every available piece of rain gear and headed out.  However, the more adventurous of the siblings turned the walk into a hike to the point of Cape Lookout.  The din of the storm, shear power and exhilaration of the near hurricane force winds had them all whooping and hollering like young boys.  The decades dropped away and they were playmates again.

Later, safe and sound back inside with the storm on the outside, it was time for hot tea and dry clothes.  They had new stories to tell about their latest shared adventure.

All agreed, Mother Nature's fury had conspired in their favor to provide them with an unforgettable weekend of love, laughter and memories.

They were very grateful indeed.

For a peak into the storm, here is a video that doesn't quite do it justice, but you get the idea.

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