Monday, September 23, 2013


Life is a balance of work and play 

My simple and elegant philosophy of life. Whether that means playing by being creative at work or taking time out to laugh, take a walk, have lunch with a friend.  Conversely working hard to complete a personal project during vacation is also very satisfying to me.  When I am not watching a clock and I play with all of the details to my heart's content.  Both work and play are woven through my daily life whether it be a weekday or weekend. 

If I get out of balance, I usually know immediately (right after my husband tells me).  Over the years, I have learned to watch for indicators if the scale is tipping in either direction and can correct the balance myself.

Indicators are sometimes subtle and internal or other times have to be a little more obvious.  During this vacation, we worked pretty hard on changes to make our beach home a comfortable, inviting and healing place.  The sense of completion and transformation felt wonderful to me even though my body was aching. 

One afternoon, I quit working on the house and played on the beach with the dog.  I was walking along thinking how much I loved the balance of this life when I happened upon these rocks.  Perched upon a piece of driftwood, the rocks were perfectly balanced to avoid dipping into the stream.  Not a very subtle sign, but certainly one affirming I am on the right track.

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