Thursday, May 2, 2013

Overheard, But Not Seen

“I have a dragon…I suppose you want one too?” the little girl asked.

“Of course,”
exclaimed the little boy.  “I have always wanted a dragon.”

Unable to resist temptation, the evil witch (me from a window above) called out, 

“I want a dragon too!” 

Hearing my voice, they ran away shrieking still unseen among the trees.  A while later they wandered back within earshot and the conversation between the two resumed…

“How did you find me?” she wondered.

“You are standing right here,”
he was getting quite annoyed.

“But how did you see me?” 
her tone very perplexed.

“Because you are standing right here!”

“You can’t see me,  I am invisible.”

I didn’t interrupt this time, I just smiled to myself as I stroked my new dragon.

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