Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mas Moss

photo of trees in the Oregon Coast Range by Nancy Zavada

A man in Austin, Texas, asked me, "Is it true, in Oregon, moss grows everywhere?  I have heard that it even grows on sidewalks.  Does that really happen?"

True?  Yes, moss grows on sidewalks, on cars, on fences, on buildings, and well, pretty much anything left outside. This time of year, when there hasn't been much sun for over four months and the rain/drizzle/mist is constant, the moss is at its thickest.

It's damp, green beauty blankets everything with inches of soft fur and the leafless trees keep warm in their moss stoles.

photo of moss dripping from a tree by Nancy Zavada

Yes, sir,  it is not only true, it is magnificent!

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