Sunday, December 9, 2012

Onshore Breeze

The recent storm in Rockaway reported winds of 90 mph.  Superstorm Sandy had some competition for windspeed.  Although Carpenter Bob had reinforced the fence and the local police hadn't called us to report a fence in the road, we were still nervous about what we might find upon arriving at Saltair Station on Friday.

Damage Report:

  • A length of gutter found in the yard.  Not from any of our gutters, so it had apparently flown there from another house.
  • One goofy looking 12ft. tall "palm" tree snapped off.  Whoever originally planted this tropical species was confused about the latitude of the property.
  • Missing mailbox.  Even though it was bolted down, it had blown clean off the cement post.  Thanks to the numbers I had recently put on it, the curved dome was returned by a neighbor.

Happily, the fence was still standing this time. 

Man vs. Nature:  Bob - 1, Mother Nature - 1.

Note:  The locals have their money on Mother Nature and never miss an opportunity to tell Bob.  What the heck, it gives them something to watch in the winter.

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