Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All American City

Once a year, the sleepy town of Rockaway Beach, Oregon becomes a hotbed of flag-waving activity.  The Fourth of July Celebration is something to behold as the normally 1,400 population swells to over 15,000 people.

Here's a guide to surviving (no, thriving) over the patriotic holiday:

  • Highway 101 is the only way in or out of town...expect delays.
  • The local restaurants are taxed beyond belief...plan to cook at home.
  • The only grocery store has lines out the door...bring your hot dogs and s'more fixings with you.
  • Our usually "screaming fast" internet stream is but a drip...turn off the computer and go outside.
  • Speaking of drips, the water and sewer system are at peak capacity...cross your fingers.
  • Every home is occupied and most of the yards have tents too...wave to your neighbors.
  • If the parade staging area (aka early morning cocktail party) is outside your house...plan to get up early and join the fun because the "Sponge Bob" float will be blaring it's theme song--guaranteed.
  • If the fog rolls in just in time for the fireworks...seek higher ground for a better view.

If the sky is clear...sit on the beach, watch the spectacle dance overhead and join your fellow citizens in a symphony of "Oooohs and Aaaaahhs."

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