Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's Recipe

Ingredients for a perfect day:

  • Take 1 partly cloudy afternoon
  • Heat to 60 degrees
  • Set outside in colorful Adirondack chairs
  • Layer with a soft lap blanket
  • Add 1 intriguing book and a crossword puzzle
  • Stir with several hours of the rare ingredient "nothing urgent to get accomplished"
  • Bake until toasty warm with a crackling fire
  • Finish with a splash of salt air



1 comment:

  1. As a follow up to this recipe, one reader suggested I add:

    "One slice of cranberry orange bread and a cup of tea. Another optional ingredient for the recipe might include: sharing with one friend (I would be happy to fill this ingredient option!)"

    I should have also thought to add an umbrella, because not long after we got the fire going it began to rain. True Oregon Coasters though, we just grabbed an umbrella and continued enjoying the warmth of the fire.